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SGD 70.00
At GentleFoods, each of our meals are developed and prepared with great taste and nutritional value in mind.  One subscription cycle comes with 10 Petite Meals, 5 Desserts, and 5 Fruit Purees.  10 Petite Puree...
SGD 139.00
One subscription cycle comes with 20 Petite Meals, 10 Desserts, and 10 Fruit Purees.  20 Petite Puree Meals  3 X Tomato Garlic Fish 3 X HK Style Soy Fish 2 X Sweet and Sour Fish 2 X Lemak Fish 3 X Hainanese...
SGD 5.60
A nutrition-balanced meal which contains food from three core food groups: carbohydrates (rice), protein (chicken), and vegetables. The meal size is ideal for older adults, small eaters and anyone who prefers small...
SGD 6.50
Enjoy 57% off the platter from 1st - 31st August 2022 when you use <DBSFLOCALMADEGOOD> during checkout. It consists of: Carrot Cake: Commonly known as 'Chai Tow Kway'. It can be served white (original) or...
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SGD 7.90
Pureed Chicken, Rice and Vegetables. Served with Sauce This easy and convenient meal box contains chicken, vegetable and rice purees. Prices are inclusive of 7% GST.
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SGD 4.20
The delicious, bright golden puree of pumpkin contains nutrients essential for sharp vision, healthy skin and strong immunity. In addition, puréed Pumpkin is a good source of dietary fibre.  Enjoy it as a side dish,...



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