Imagine, not being able to eat the foods you enjoy.

The idea for GentleFoods began a few years ago with a poignant question- ‘What happens if one day a person cannot eat?’ This question was lingering in the minds of Directors, Yiru Shen and Jeannie Ong. The issue stems from Singapore and Asia’s ageing population and the increase in people with swallowing difficulties. There are limited food options available hence many of them are resigned to porridge. Researching, searching and perfecting an answer saw the rest of the journey to bring GentleFoods into reality. GentleFoods creates puréed moulded food that is familiar, safe and nutritious that helps in stimulating the appetite with the way it looks, tastes and smells, bringing the joy of food back into the lives of people with swallowing difficulties. GentleFoods believes the food that one enjoyed must always remain the food that one continues to enjoy. Malnutrition is most common in people with swallowing difficulties as there is a loss of appetite. The problems are also psychological, with an increase in feeling dependent, depressed and isolated. The joy of eating food together with friends and family is also compromised.

Yiru and Jeannie have with passion and purpose sought to make people with swallowing difficulties ‘feel hungry again’. Yiru and Jeannie worked tirelessly with hospitals, speech therapists, dieticians and nutritionists to perfect the food that would be both nutritious and appetising. GentleFoods offers ready-to-eat frozen meals and bulk packs. Sweet and Sour Fish, Black Pepper Chicken and Assam Fish are just a few meals from the menu. Every meal comes with rice or noodles and two vegetables - either pumpkin, carrots or broccoli. The nurturance, thoughtfulness and committed culture at GentleFoods aims to bring back the positive and joyous relationship with food. GentleFoods is bringing back the appetite for Life!

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