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About GentleFoods

We understand the importance of getting the facts right when it comes to providing nutritious food in the healthcare space. As such, our team is equipped with the necessary expertise, tools and technical knowledge to give you the best advice on texture-modified foods. We have established food preparation processes for dysphagia-friendly meals in accordance to IDDSI standards. With our scientific approach and specially curated meal plans, GentleFoods is your number 1 choice in nutritious and delicious elderly foods.

About GentleCare

We care about making a difference in the lives of all our clients with swallowing and communication difficulties. GentleCare provides expert quality care through a variety of services such as speech therapist and dietician home care and locum services, IDDSI consultation, and training workshops. Our team comprises of experienced clinicians who adopt innovative and evidence-based approaches to work with individuals who have swallowing or communication difficulties.

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