Types of Aspiration: Symptoms and Signs to Look Out For

15 Feb 2021
Aspiration is a condition when a person accidentally inhales an object or liquid into their windpipe. This often leads to coughing, discomfort and choking. In serious situations when the body is unable to expel the...
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Food Thickeners: Uses, Risks and Recommendations

04 Feb 2021
While it seems counterintuitive to thicken food for dysphagia patients, food thickeners can be effective in preventing aspiration – a condition where patients may accidentally breathe food into their windpipe due to...
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Instructions to Preparing Ready-to-eat Pureed Bento Meals

04 Feb 2021
Preparing a meal for a loved one experiencing dysphagia can be cumbersome and tiring. In addition to ensuring that the foods prepared are pureed to the right levels and safe for consumption, caregivers often have to...
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