Ensuring Nutritional Value in Pureed Diet

Posted on17 May 2021
Ensuring adequate amounts of nutrients in pureed diets is a difficult and complex process. More often than not, key nutrients such as proteins and fibers are lost during the production of pureed diet.

Loss of nutrients may be caused by blending, which is a process that produces heat and thus destroys nutrients. Other causes of poor nutrient intake include patients having difficulties finishing suggested portions of their meals in a sitting, or are unable to consume the right amounts of nutrients due to limited pureed diet choices.

Despite the challenges to getting sufficient amounts of nutrients, there are several ways to ensure adequate nutritional intake for patients.

Subscribe to a Pureed Meal Plan
While it is possible to prepare homemade pureed meals, it is difficult to ensure nutritional value of the pureed food in its final form. Without professional devices, it may not be possible to gauge the amount of nutrients in the homemade pureed meal. Furthermore, blending pureed foods at home requires a powerful blender in order to minimise nutrients lost.

As such, it may be wise to consider pureed meals that are professionally prepared as they usually come measured in an accurate food portion with the right amount of nutrients.

Small Meals, Shorter Interval
Instead of sticking to the conventional 3 meals per day, caregivers can portion appropriately the day’s food amount into 6 to 8 smaller meals and serve them in shorter intervals. Smaller food portions can help with digestion and encourage the patient to finish the portion within a seating.

Foods that are calorie and nutrient-dense in small quantities are recommended as they provide the patient with the necessary energy to stay active. Some examples include adding nut butter, coconut cream or avocado to smoothies, or adding olive, or other plant oil and sour cream to savoury dishes.

Nutritional Supplement
Due to the inaccessibility of nutritious pureed food when eating out or travelling, nutritional supplements can come in handy. Nutritional supplements in the form of a RTD (Ready-To-Drink) or reconstituted beverage are great for travel as they are easy to consume on the go.



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