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09 Aug 2022
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Are Frozen Meals Healthy?

20 Jun 2022
In recent years, the demand for frozen meals has increased. Contrary to the general belief that frozen meals are inferior to freshly cooked food, they actually can be a good, healthy alternative to fresh counterparts.
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Preventing High Blood Pressure

23 May 2022
High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition in which your blood pressure is consistently too high, thus causing health problems such as stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Hypertension is a silent killer...
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13 Apr 2022
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Iron-rich Food Sources and Iron-boosting Meals

08 Mar 2022
Iron is a mineral that plays several vital functions in our body, primarily in transferring oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body. It may go unnoticed when the body’s iron level begins to drop. As the body...
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Diving Deeper Into Food Nutrition Labels

13 Feb 2022
What do you look out for when shopping for food? Is it all about the price? Or are you carried away by the fancy packaging? However, for the sake of our health, it is important to read food nutrition labels which can...
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Celebrating Christmas with Dysphagia

18 Dec 2021
It is the season of love and good food this Christmas! Did you know that even for dysphagia patients, it is possible to celebrate and indulge healthily in the delicious festive delights? With the right food choices,...
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Ageing Well: Diet & Nutrition for Elderly in Singapore

19 Nov 2021
Diet plays a huge part in our appearance, health and mood. Consuming the right diet and nutrition is an essential component of ageing gracefully and happily. Eating right is important regardless of our age, but ageing...
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Eating Right: The Power of Protein

15 Aug 2021
Protein is an important nutrient which helps to build and repair body tissues. It helps us to maintain healthy muscle mass and also contributes to daily energy intake. 1 gram of protein gives 4 calories. For the...
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Dehydration in Dysphagia

01 Aug 2021
Dehydration is a major problem for dysphagia patients. It occurs when the fluids necessary to maintain normal body functions are not replenished. Generally, dehydration is caused by patients not consuming sufficient...
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