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Challenges of Pureed Food

27 May 2021
The pureed food diet is often stigmatised for being tasteless and visually unappetising, due to the lack of shape, texture and vibrant colours. Despite its outlook, pureed diet is necessary for patients who are...
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Ensuring Nutritional Value in Pureed Diet

17 May 2021
Ensuring adequate amounts of nutrients in pureed diets is a difficult and complex process. More often than not, key nutrients such as proteins and fibers are lost during the production of pureed diet.Loss of nutrients...
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Foods to Avoid for Dysphagia Diet

28 Apr 2021
Dysphagia diet is a special eating plan recommended for patients who are unable to swallow foods. In very serious cases of dysphagia, a pureed diet (or the most restrictive diet) is often recommended for these...
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Highly Nutritious Foods for Dysphagia Diet

16 Apr 2021
Having adequate nutritional intake is often a challenge for dysphagic patients, as swallowing difficulties affect their ability and desire to consume their meals normally. When overall nutritional intake is not met,...
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Nutrients for Her - Healthy Eating for Females

02 Apr 2021
Women have unique nutritional needs. Understanding your nutritional needs and eating well at different stages of womanhood can help you control cravings, boost energy, and look and feel your best. A good tip to...
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4 Levels of Dysphagia Diet

20 Mar 2021
Dysphagia diet is a special eating plan that is prescribed by a speech therapist for patients who experience difficulties swallowing certain foods. Depending on the condition of the patient, a dysphagia diet may be...
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Does Pureed Food Affect Nutritional Value?

20 Mar 2021
In short, nutritional value in pureed food may be lower than regular food. Some nutrients of pureed foods may be lost through preparation and cooking of foods prior to blending as well as during the process of...
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Dysphagia: Causes and Implications

10 Mar 2021
Dysphagia is a condition where patients experience difficulties swallowing foods and fluids. Persistent dysphagia may have serious implications such as aspiration pneumonia resulting in death, if not properly treated.
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Types of Aspiration: Symptoms and Signs to Look Out For

15 Feb 2021
Aspiration is a condition when a person accidentally inhales an object or liquid into their windpipe. This often leads to coughing, discomfort and choking. In serious situations when the body is unable to expel the...
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Food Thickeners: Uses, Risks and Recommendations

04 Feb 2021
While it seems counterintuitive to thicken food for dysphagia patients, food thickeners can be effective in preventing aspiration – a condition where patients may accidentally breathe food into their windpipe due to...
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