CNY Joyful Bundle - Pureed Pineapple Tarts & Ang Ku Kueh

The staple Chinese New Year pastry, now available in pureed form! Snack on our Joyful Bundle and taste joy with every bite you take. It comes with 2 pieces of puréed Ang Ku Kueh and 4 pieces of puréed pineapple tarts. You can purchase 4 pieces of puréed pineapple tarts as a separate option too.

Steaming for 15-20 mins is required for Ang Ku Kueh for consumption. Pineapple Tarts can be consumed after defrosting overnight in the chiller or at room temperature for 30min - 1h.

Prices are inclusive of 8% GST.

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SGD 6.00
CNY Joyful Bundle
Diabetic Friendly
Halal Certified from Manufacturer
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