5-Meals Starter Pack

Special dietary requirement should not be a compromise and tasteless dining experience. At GentleFoods, each of our meals are developed and prepared with great taste and nutritional value in mind. 

One subscription cycle comes with 5 Petite Puree Meals, 3 Desserts, and 2 Fruit Purees.

5 Petite Puree Meals (protein, vegetable and puree rice)

1 X Tomato Garlic Fish

1 X HK Style Soy Fish

1 X Sweet and Sour Fish

1 X Teriyaki Chicken

1 X Indo BBQ Black Sauce Chicken

3 Desserts

1 X Puree Red Bean Soup

1 X Puree Green Bean Soup

1 X Puree Black Sesame Soup

2 Fruit Purees

1 X Apple and Longan

1 X Tangerine and Pear

If you are unclear about the food selection, let our dietitian plan with you. Please contact us here.

Prices are inclusive of 7% GST.

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SGD 36.00
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